ORIENTAL MEDICINE – Marlene Baczek is a graduate of the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine.

“Combining modern nutraceuticals, which consist of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals with Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese herbs, creates a synergy which stimulates the maximum healing capacities of the body. This “interventive approach corrects the functioning of the body’s complex systems, combining the reassurance of science with the appeal of a natural method for assisting the healing process”.

“Ancient Chinese doctors felt that illness was caused by “pernicious influences” that adversely affect physical and emotional health. These “evils” still exist, in this stress and toxin – filled world”.

“interventive” approach to treatment by combining the various branches of TCM for maximum synergy and effectiveness: intervening to defeat these “evils”. The Interventive Medicine approach also means returning to the ancient Taoist role of a doctor, who, as a physician, helps the patient in their fight against disease and, as a guide, helps the patient make healthy lifestyle choices”.

The nutrition component of Oriental Medicine treats a wide variety of health problems, and patients become familiar with using herbs, food and nutraceuticals in the treatment strategy.

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